Sunday, January 13, 2013

Return To Your Call!

I would venture to say that a very high percentage of folks who follow Christ are not walking in their calling. You may be one of them. I have certainly been there. But I must say it makes me so uncomfortable that I can't stay there!

Perhaps at some point and at some time in your walk with Jesus you felt He was calling you to do something specific. Something like preaching, teaching, writing, encouraging, giving, singing, playing, serving a particular age group, proclaiming the Gospel, missions, etc. 

Perhaps when you started this walk you were an avid student of God's Word, but drifted away from it. Perhaps you were totally committed to fervent prayer in your daily life, and life's routine swayed you away. For whatever reason (some I will touch on in this post) you drifted away from the specific calling or callings that God placed upon your life.

The truth is (and not to be negative, but truthful), the vast majority of we Christians just sort of acquiesce in walking with Jesus. We just sort of exist, and remember how it used to be more than we celebrate the wonder of the present. I know. I've been there too.

How does this happen? In my humble opinion it is a simple lack of faith. Our lives are so routine there is no room for the faith to believe God for the supernatural, or the impossible, or the extraordinary. The God we serve lives in a box and is unable to do great exploits through us. Why? Because of a "status quo", routine-dominated mentality which limits God to do only what we can believe Him for. (And that's not much compared to what He has called you to believe Him for.) We are so ingrained in our daily living routines God will have to move on our terms. The problem with that is...God doesn't move on our terms! So we continue to acquiesce, or...we change!

I can confidently say God has a call on your life. You probably know that. Our extraordinary, out of the box God calls His people to do extraordinary, out of the box things! I can also confidently say He is calling you right now to return to your call. What better time than right now! It's the beginning of a new year, things are fresh, and God is speaking.

Romans 11:29 says, "The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable." Yes, Paul was speaking about Israel, and God's plan for them. But this is an eternal principle of the Kingdom of God. The Bible says God does not issue a call and then change His mind. The call is permanent. His calling on your life is irrevocable.

So what will it take to return to your call? A change of routine and a change of priorities. You must rearrange your entire life so that it promotes pursuing Jesus in everything! Jesus Himself says, "But seek first His (God's) kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." (Matt. 6:33) The things "added to you" will be more than enough to fulfill His call on your life...whatever it is!

Return to your first love. Ask Him to obliterate the "status quo" and the "routine" your walk has become. Return to the walk He called you to. Return to the Extraordinary One and expect the extraordinary! Return to your call!

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