Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Gift of 2013

I get so excited around the first of each new year. This year is no exception. There is a freshness at the beginning of the new year, just as there is a freshness to each new day God gives us. God has given you the gift of 2013. It is fresh, new, and filled with possibilities and opportunities to be used by God Almighty!

If you haven't already, make the commitment right now to live wholly for Jesus, from the very beginning of 2013. Commit to a deeper walk with Him. Commit to make yourself more available to the Holy Spirit - to be an instrument of God...more effective in serving Him than ever! Make a commitment to seek Him more, to hunger for Him more in 2013. He stands ready to do great and mighty exploits THROUGH YOU in the year ahead.

Happy New Year everyone! May your 2013 be blessed with God's love...more than ever! May what He began in 2012 continue in greater measure in this new year. May you intimately experience His presence in greater measure in the coming year. May your God-given dreams be realized in 2013 more than in the previous year.

By the Spirit of God, may you know Him and His destiny for your life in deeper and greater measure. May He take you to deeper depths and higher heights in the year 2013!! May the God of all creation use you as His distinct instrument of righteousness in this new year!

May the year 2013 be an indescribable adventure for you and your family as you serve Him!

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