Friday, October 5, 2012

Failing Does Not Make You A Failure

Everyone of us has failed at something. And all of us have failed many times! But does that make us a failure? Of course not. Failing does not make you a failure. Failing is a part of life. 

In the Bible, Peter is considered to be a successful pillar of the church. He literally followed Christ for 3 and a half years (while Christ was on the earth). He was used mightily, along with Jesus' disciples to proclaim God's kingdom in the earth. God gave Peter a supernatural revelation of just who Jesus really is (the Christ, the Son of the living God). Peter, along with James and John briefly saw Jesus in His glorified form. Peter was used incredibly by the Holy Spirit to bring Jesus outside the Jewish realm to the rest of the world. I could write paragraph after paragraph about how God worked through Peter. He was truly a great man of God.

But Peter failed Jesus miserably. The night Jesus was arrested Peter said he would never deny Jesus...that he would even die with Him if necessary. That same night Peter not only denied being a follower of Jesus 3 times, but he denied even knowing Jesus. Jesus said this would happen and when it did, Peter went out and wept and wailed loudly and violently. Peter had denied the very One he loved the most. Not only that, he denied the One who loved Him. Did this make Peter a failure? Absolutely not. Why? Because Jesus never stopped loving Him!

This is key. Jesus never stops loving you and matter what we have done. Many people feel unworthy of knowing or serving Jesus because of their failures. Again, failing does not make you a failure. God and God's Son Jesus love you with an unfailing matter what.

Luke Chapter 15 tells us about a young man who failed his own father miserably. He asked for his inheritance early and went away and blew it all. After spending all his money and having no where to stay he went to work feeding pigs. In no time he went from living "high off the hog" to desiring to eat the food of the hog. In his lowest moment he came to his senses. Now considering himself to be a failure, he returned to his own father believing he was no longer worthy to be considered his son. Instead, perhaps his father would make him a hired hand. At least then he would get decent food and shelter. When he returned his father was waiting for him. His father ran to meet him and greeted him with hugs and kisses! The father ordered his servants to bring out a new robe to place on him, new sandals, and a new ring to place on his son's finger. They were ordered to prepare to celebrate a feast! This young man failed his father and acted very irresponsibly, but because of his father's love he was welcomed home and restored!

You could never be a failure. Know why? Because God loves you with an everlasting love. No matter what you have done His love will never fail you. No matter what you may do His love will never fail you. Yes, I know you have failed and so have I. Just come to Jesus. He loves you with an unfailing love that will never give up and never run out!

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