Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Impact of Godly Leadership

Bishop Sam and Rheba Drye
This post is a tribute to some folks who have impacted the lives of the Hutto's because of their Godly leadership. My, what a terrible life this one would have been had it not been for Godly people who influenced my life!

First I want to mention Jack and Dorothy Pittman. We met the Pittman's in Germany while I was stationed in the Air Force. The Pittman's came to oversee the Christian Serviceman's Center in Augsburg, Germany. Brother and Sister Pittman (as
we called them) took a special interest in Connie and me. Brother Pittman began to say to me that God was grooming me for the ministry. I'm not sure what he saw in me, but apparently God enabled him to see something! The Pittman's took us under their wings, and began grooming us for the ministry. Sister Pittman would spend time with Connie demonstrating to her how to be a Godly wife, mother, and wife of a minister. Even now we talk about the principles she shared with Connie from God's Word.

Brother Pittman always told me that I must "Preach the Word! Be instant, in season and out of season". Of course that is Scripture from 2 Timothy 2:4. He gave me opportunities to preach the Word of God in Germany. Some of those opportunities were as "out of season" as they could be. But it was invaluable preparation and training as a result of His Godly leadership! Eventually I became a lay pastor of a group in Neu Ulm. God blessed us so that eventually I was offered the position of Center Director of a new Christian Serviceman's Center in Neu Ulm. I could not accept the position however, because I still had 2 more years to serve in the AF. And God had other plans for the Hutto's. We thank God for the Pittman's, and for their purposeful investment in our lives.

And then there is Bishop Sam and Rheba Drye (pictured above), our spiritual parents. We were transferred from Germany to Robins Air Force Base, GA. About six months later we started attending Holy Spirit Harvest Church in Macon, GA. God continued His incredible leadership through Pastors Sam and Rheba Drye. I had about 1 and a half years of service left in the AF when we first came there. We were so blessed by the leadership of Pastor Sam, and Rheba's worship leading. He and Rheba reached out to us as they have to so many folks.

About 7 months after we had been attending HSHC we were given an opportunity to transfer back to Germany for another 3 years. The problem was, I had to re-sign up with the AF in order to get the assignment. We had a choice to make: Stay in and go back to Germany (which we had applied for), or get out by faith! For several days we fasted and prayed. God clearly spoke to us that we were to get out of the AF. Just days later, at the church Christmas party, Pastor Sam came to me and asked me to pray about coming on staff (full-time) when I exited the AF a few months later. I am very glad he also clearly heard God concerning our future! Another example of Godly leadership.

While on staff I served as the church business administrator (3 years). I also served as Youth Pastor (2 years), Worship Leader (1 1/2 years), Singles Leader (1 year), and Young Married Couples Leader (1 year). I didn't do all this simultaneously, some of these overlapped at times. For 5 1/2 years Connie and I were properly trained and prepared by the Godly leadership of Bishop Sam and Rheba Drye. It's literally impossible to put a price on that. One word describes it however...invaluable! To this day Bishop and Rheba are our spiritual mentors; they are our spiritual parents!

A Godly leader is one who gives of themselves to better others. A Godly leader's greatest call is influence: influencing others for Jesus Christ. A Godly leader leads God's people onward and upward by example. Connie and I thank God for Godly leaders like the Pittman's, the Drye's, Pastor Jimmy Williams, and others too many to mention. My desire as a follower of Christ, and as a minister of the Gospel is to influence others for Jesus as I have been influenced - through Godly leaders. How about you!

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