Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Time For His Presence

The above title/phrase came to my mind some time ago as I was basking in His presence. "Exchanging my time for His presence". Quite often I get alone with God with my head between the ear buds of my I-pod. It seems that during those encounters (when I just sit and enjoy His presence in the midst of some anointed worship), time almost stops. It's weird though, because at the same time I am amazed at how quickly time passes! It's as if I become a part of my realm and His the same time. Bottom line...wonderful!

Through the years I've heard pastors and teachers teach on the subject of the Law of Exchange. It is when you give something and in return get something. For instance, when you give $1.77 @ Starbuck's, you in return get a delicious, tall cup of Cafe Verona or Three Regions, brewed to perfection. In a sense, you turn your buck 77 into a delicious cup of coffee! God presented me with that analogy one time. (I wonder why!) 

When I give my valuable time to God, to just be with Him - in return I experience a dimension of His presence that only comes by exchanging my time. How valuable is my time? I will answer that with another question. How valuable is His presence? In His presence I experience so many things that literally change the course of my day. Let me share just a few: His love, His energy, His heart, His joy, His gladness, His strength, His voice, His input, His direction, His Word, His Son, His Spirit, and more. 

Are you ready to exchange your time for His presence? I can promise you this - it will change your life - and it's much better than even a cup of French Roast (brewed to perfection) from Starbuck's! 
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