Saturday, May 19, 2012

What God Is Saying

It amazes me how when God begins to deal with me about something, He seems to deal with others about the same thing! Something extraordinary has been going on in my life the past few weeks. Just a couple of days ago I turned on a Christian TV station to see if my hankering for "more" could be fed somewhat. A minister was sharing about an experience he had 10 years ago, and how it had transformed his life from the second it began 10 years back. From that point forward his life and ministry was catapulted into something on a higher and more significant plane. What he shared was exactly what I needed to hear! Not only was exactly what I needed period! I was like a sponge as every single thing he said was me! It was almost identical to what God was speaking to me in this current time. How encouraging was that!

Let me share with you a bit of what God has been doing with me. For some of you, you'll think, "Oh, that's really nice!". But for some of you, it may just change every aspect of your life!

God has had me repenting of late for becoming comfortable in the state of the status quo. Notice I didn't say "God had me repent..." (as in once). But it's been a process. God, through much, much seeking of Him - continues to reveal to me ways and means in which I have become settled into that state of mediocrity. As serious, dedicated followers of Jesus we can slip into the state of accepting the status quo, resulting in a mediocre life and walk with Him.

Several things happen when one slips into the status quo as a Christian, but I will address one; one that truly leads to other things. When we accept the mediocre/status quo...we limit God. That's about as serious as you can get. We simply limit God. God is a big much bigger than you and me put together! (Believe it or not.) To limit God is the same as not trusting Him. He is the God of the supernatural. He is the God of miracles. He is the God who is able. He is the God of more than enough. When our Christian walk slips into the status quo, we accept mediocrity and God is no longer BIG to us or through us. There is a call in the body of Christ at this moment. It is a call out of mediocrity, back into the bigness of our God! I pray you are listening and can hear it.

It is not God's intention to deliver you from the domain of darkness, and transfer you into His kingdom to do mediocre exploits for Him. Our God wants to do big things with you and through you. He wants you to attempt BIG, IMPOSSIBLE things; things that will definitely fail unless you put your complete trust in Him! But you see, from the state of the status quo, faith is nonexistent. We simply accept what life gives us and say within ourselves, "It was just God's will." From the state of the status quo we listen more to fear than we do faith.

God is extending the call to return to greatness...His greatness! According to the Apostle Paul, our call us "upward"! The call on your life is a high calling. Don't live beneath God's calling on your life. Every day of your life God wants to lead you upward. I recently realized I was walking beneath my calling! Are you? Paul says, "I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." A couple of keywords: Upward and Call. There is a high calling on you that leads you upward. It is incredible because God is incredible! Therefore you are incredible! That's what God thinks!

You may not be running with the force you began with. But you can return to the high calling on your life. You may have slipped into the status quo, but the calling is still there and God is eagerly waiting for your commitment to return! He stands ready to elevate you back to your high calling and beyond! The calling that is specifically engineered (by the Great Engineer), for you, and you alone! Return to the call...and be encouraged!
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