Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Monday...Again!!

It's Monday morning.  A very busy week lies ahead and what are you thinking?  It's quite common for working people to be thinking "On no!  It's Monday.  Not again!"  Some are thinking "Where oh where did the weekend go?"  The answer to the last question?  It's gone!  However another weekend is on its final approach to your life and it will be here soon enough.  And between last weekend and this weekend is another work week.  It's kind of difficult to change that.  So let's see this brand new work week as a week filled with opportunities that begin today...Monday!

Yes, you still have to face the routine stuff in your work week that you face every week.  But do something different this week (starting today).  Look for opportunities.  Look for opportunities on your job.  What kind of opportunities?  Opportunities to bless someone in some way.  Opportunities to excel in what you do.  Opportunities to do your job better than you have been doing it.  Opportunities to be an example of a good work ethic.  (There's one that's needed almost everywhere.)  Opportunities to help someone in some way.  

Next, listen for opportunities.  People talk all the time (most of the time too much).  But just listen.  You will hear of opportunities.  Some are hurting.  You can add them to your prayer list and pray specifically for them.  Some people are discouraged.  Your positive attitude can encourage them.  In many cases the key to being a godly example is to just listen.  Listening can help you respond better and much more accurately.  If everyone is positive!  You may feel all alone but you will be the one God uses to influence others for Him!  Remember, being a godly influence means at times you stand alone!

Take opportunities when they are presented to you.  Better yourself at what you do.  Being the best at what you do is a godly virtue.  The Bible says that Daniel had a "spirit of excellence".  Joseph wasn't perfect and he saw every set-back he experienced as doors of opportunity.  When you see and hear opportunities...take a stab at them.  Don't just let them pass you by.  It makes for a very interesting life.  It makes for a very interesting week.  So today is Monday.  It's not just Monday.  It's the first day a week filled with opportunities.  Go get them!

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