Monday, November 21, 2011

You Win!

When I was growing up I followed one particular college football team. My dad and my sister attended this university so I grew up listening to their games with Dad on the radio. Back then there wasn't nearly as much football on TV, but when they did play on TV it was really something. Several times throughout my childhood and teenage years we went to see them play live. What a treat!  The best thing about it all was that they won their games most of the time! It usually crushed me (for a day or two) when they lost; especially when they weren't supposed to! I grew accustomed to my team winning. Year after year they went to bowl games because they had winning records. I'll have to was exciting!

When we listened to them play on the radio I couldn't wait until the early part of the next week when the replay highlights would be aired on TV. It was a 30 minute program that highlighted the best and most exciting plays of the game. I loved it! Here's the unique thing about all of this. Even though I knew they won I still watched the playback program! I knew the outcome (they won), but I wanted to see how it played out - one play at a time! When they fumbled the ball or a pass was intercepted, I didn't worry a bit, because I knew the outcome!

In a much greater way, Jesus has won the victory for you and me. If you know Him, you also know   He has defeated our opponent. There was actually no contest! Jesus won...hands down. Even though we are challenged by His defeated opponent, we know Jesus has defeated Him, once and for all. Just like those playback shows, we know how it will end. But we must experience every play, one play at a time. Sometimes it doesn't seem like we are winners, but the truth is we are. Why? Because He won the victory for us! As we walk out this life with Him, there will be good days and bad days. But in it all and through it all, we focus on the end of the game (which will come very soon) - we win! More accurately stated...we have already won!

Here's a little secret. When my team lost, I didn't care at all to watch the playback show. Why? Because I hated loosing! Why watch every single play that leads to loosing? So I didn't! But thank Jesus, He won! No question about it. The victory has been won for you and me. You are NOT a loser. You are a winner in Christ Jesus! What you and I must do is walk in the truth of His victory. You may be walking through some "stuff" today, but walk as a winner - because He has won the victory for you!

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