Saturday, October 22, 2011

Are You Maxing Your Worship?

I was recently pondering the Christ-follower's ability to worship God.  You know, kind of like the brain. Huh? Well what I mean is we use about 10% of our brain. This is a simple (but profound) illustration of the magnificence of God. The creation and function of the human brain is mind-boggling. (No play on words intended.) But it does demonstrate the infinite capabilities of our Creator.

In the same way, you and I were created to function as whole worshipers of God; to bring glory to our Creator. The capabilities are limitless because God created us. But the truth is, like our brain, we probably bump (at the highest) around 10% usage of our worship capability! Why is that? There would be several reasons, but the main reason is we are not yielded to the Holy Spirit - not only for physical worship - but in our existence as His servants.

According to the Scripture, we are supposed to be radical, bold worshipers of our God. Worship should be our life-style, not just something we do periodically. Worship is not a segment of our life - it IS our life. Worship is what we are created to do. When the early believers were baptized in the Holy Spirit, they were compelled out into the streets. The first thing they did after being filled with the Spirit was worship God and proclaim His Word with boldness. The more they worshipped, the more they proclaimed! The more they proclaimed, the more people were drawn to Jesus.

Many of us are seeking success in our methods of worship. We should constantly be pliable and relevant to our culture when it comes to connecting with people. But...the greatest Connector of all times - the Holy Spirit - brings an energy into our lives and our worship that we cannot manufacture. He brings it as HE worships and glorifies Jesus in and through us. Jesus said He would return to the Father, and would send forth the Promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit. He would be the One who takes from Jesus, discloses it to you and me, and ultimately glorifies the Father. Much of our worship is rote, dry, and uninteresting because we are rote, dry, and uninteresting. My suggestion is to seek Him for the fresh fire of His Spirit. He is here on the planet to bring amazing, overwhelming glory to Jesus. He will do it through you and any believer who is hungry for Him. Simply yield to Him. He stands ready to return the fire to you and to your worship. The result is, instead of worshiping at 10% capacity, your ability to worship will be unlimited and contagious, bringing due recognition (glory) to Jesus!! It will spread to others as Jesus intends it to. 

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