Unity = The Right Focus

Unity is incredibly powerful. God uses unity among followers of Christ to perform His will in the earth. Unity does not take place when everyone agrees on everything. Unity is produced when everyone focuses on ONE thing. A good example of unity from the Old Testament is the incident of the tower of Babel. This was a unique occurrence. At this point in history all the people on the earth spoke the same language. This helped! The people of Babel decided they wanted to build a tower that reached into the heavens in order to make a name for themselves. There were many people who more than likely disagreed on many things. But they ALL agreed on ONE thing...to make a name for themselves by building a tower out of bricks that reached into the heavens. Listen to what God says about the situation in Gen 11:6,

Will The World End This Saturday At 6pm?

According to Harold Camping and the Family Radio organization, at 6pm this Saturday, a violent earthquake will strike, marking the beginning of Judgment Day. The description on the Family Radio website explained, "On May 21st, Judgment Day will begin and the rapture (the taking up into heaven of God's elect people) will occur..."  What do you think?  Will it or won't it all end this Saturday?

Are You Saved? No Really, Are You Saved?

I remember a long, long time ago being convicted by the Holy Spirit during a Spring revival at the church I was raised in.  The evangelist could really "throw down" and it really touched me, because I had never heard preaching that intense.  At seven years of age, my grandmother took me to talk to the pastor of our church.  After questioning me about some issues of my heart he determined I was primed to get "saved".  I prayed the sinner's prayer with him and I was in!  I mean I was saved.  The next Sunday I was invited down front of the whole church to make a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ.  Afterward all the church members came by to shake my hand and welcome me into membership of the church.  The following Sunday night I was baptized.  From that point on I was pretty much on my own.  No discipleship, only Sunday School and church.

To be honest with you, I had no clue that I had to give my entire life over to Jesus. 

The Sounds of Heaven

Have you ever wondered what Heaven sounds like?  Not sure about you, but I have.  Sure, Heaven will sound wonderful because there will be no pain, no suffering, no tears, and no sin.  And definitely Heaven will be filled with voices of the redeemed, and the heavenly host of all God's created beings offering worship and praise to Him continuously.  But what will that sound like?  I think we will be surprised one day to discover that much of what Heaven sounds like...we've already heard...at least to some degree.