Friday, March 25, 2011

Don't Give Me Your Opinion - Show Me Your Passion!

That's a nifty title right?  I hope it got your attention.  If you want to make an impact on my life, I don't need your opinion - I need to see your passion!  Opinion is a mind-set that can change with the latest influential factors in your life.  People can change their opinion as often as the weather changes.  But passion is different.  Passion comes from within.  It is a motivating force that comes from the inside out.  Opinions don't necessarily change things...they just change.  But passion influences, changes, and impacts people, places, and things!

Passion is like fire.  It burns and warms.  It is like the fire associated with the steam engine.  Water is heated producing steam that pressurizes.  The pressure is then released to drive large engines.  However if the fire goes out the engine stops.  With the driving force removed (fire) the engine lies dormant - even though it has great potential.  Many people are just like that engine.  The fire is either gone out or just isn't there!  They are fueled by opinions instead, and don't mind offering their opinion to fuel others in their state!  I'm not trying to be cruel, but the truth is we need to demonstrate passion to a world that really, really needs it.

As followers of Jesus Christ, the Book says we are to impact the world with His love.  The love of Jesus is life-changing.  When we receive His love into our lives we are changed forever!  His love is powerful enough to light a fire within that not only changes me, but those I come in contact with.  For example, when Jesus is coming back is very important.  But if you and I demonstrate no passion for Jesus; if we are not passionate about the people He died for, our opinion of when we think He will come is irrelevant - and has absolutely no influence on people who are not following after Him.  I need to "be" His church everywhere I go.  However, if I have no passion for Him my opinion is just another opinion...with no impact!

I think we've had enough opinions, that's just my opinion.  You don't need my opinion.  Opinions are a dime a dozen, not because their not important, but because so many opinions are not rooted in true passion!  I need to experience people that are passionate first about their God, then about their spouses, families, churches, jobs, etc.  If you show me your passion I'll probably be asking your opinion!  What about it?

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