Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Not What God Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For God!

If you're like me you have needs.  I mean needs you pray about.  Needs you are trusting God for.  I'm sure I'm like you.  You're probably looking to God to break-through in some area or areas of your life.  After all, God encourages us to call on Him for all our needs.  You may be in a season in which it seems like God is a little late!  When and where is that break-through?   We must remember...God owns time.  Therefore He is never late, and He is always in control.

From my own experiences I know that times like these can be trying, frustrating, and sometimes discouraging.  What is the answer?  Actually the answer is right in front of us!  It's not so much what God can do for you.  He's done the work and laid out His promises.  But it's also (more than we know) what we can do for God!  Obviously my point requires an explanation.  

The Bible teaches that in order to get - we must be willing to give.  God is our perfect example.  He gave His only Son Jesus and got you and me!  It cost Him mightily to have you and me!  God is very eager to fulfill His promises to us and in us.  But His promises must be realized as we employ the principles of His kingdom.  The greatest principle of His kingdom is serving.  And God's love is the motivation for serving.  Love motivated Jesus to lay aside His kingly privileges and become a servant.  I have no doubt that God is extremely blessed by those who have received His work.  It was worth it to Him.

Maybe your break-through hasn't arrived yet.  Serve anyway.  Look for ways to impact people as you serve God.  Determine NOT to lay down in discouragement over circumstances.  When you are praying for your break-through, ask God to show you how you can be!  Remember God is never late and He is in control.  Perhaps the break-through is waiting for you.  God uses folks who care about others and act accordingly.  I'm determined to make a difference anyway I can, with what I have, right where I am!  My circumstances do not require changing for me to do that!  Commit with me right now to serve God by serving others - even though the break-through hasn't arrived.  If you've already broken through!  Remember, it's not so much what God can do for you.  Why?  Because He's already given you the principles to apply. IS more what you can do for God.  So...what will you do today?

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