Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are You A Producer?

Are you a producer? No, I'm not talking about a movie, TV, or music producer...even though they are producers: movies, TV shows, and music. But I mean are you producing? Producing what? That depends on what you do or perhaps what you are called to do. Many folks spend years doing things they don't really like doing for the sake of making a living. And yes, making a living is a good thing, especially these days. (Don't quit your day job yet.) But I think we all struggle at different times in our lives just living a status quo, "just getting by" kind of a life-style. Sometimes we spend too much time spinning our wheels. Question: Are you truly fulfilled in what you do? If not, chances are you could probably be a better producer if you did something else. (Something you loved to do.)

I was out walking earlier this week and I feel God really, really impressed something on my heart. I'm no young whipper snapper any more (not over the hill either), and with each passing day I see more clearly the need to seriously make an impact through this precious life (only one) we are given here on the planet. What God impressed upon my heart was the realistic number of years I have left on this earth to be productive for Him. All the days, months, and years that have passed brought great opportunities, but every single one of those opportunities (taken advantage of or not) are gone for good along with the days, months, and years. That may sound some what depressing, but it is true. However, there is good news too. The years ahead that God gives me can be the most productive of my life! Looking ahead to all the marvelous opportunities He will offer, along with the experiences of the past, and with God's leading...the future is pretty bright! Now to me...that is good news.

Perhaps you are spinning your wheels. Perhaps it seems as if you're just not really producing...at least to your fullest potential. God may be presenting you an opportunity to evaluate your life. This is an opportunity you may not want to miss. Many times we overlook these opportunities because we're so ingrained in our routines (even when we hate them) or we've worked so long in a certain career field that money and getting by take precedence over being productive for Him. How many years do you have left? Truthfully that is a question none of us can answer because He is in total control of that. We simply trust Him for the next breath, and then the next, and then the next..... When I was a teenager I was convinced I was invincible. All the things I knew I needed to do could be postponed...at least for now. Why? Because I had the rest of my life. When I was a young man, just starting a career I felt I had forever to be a producer. I even thought that the years I "skated" I could eventually make up because I had so much time. Now that I am in my upper, middle age years (tell me there is such a thing), I look at life much differently. And of course, as a follower of Christ, my heart is to diligently serve Him. I truly, truly (verily in King Jimmy) want my life to be productive...and only for Him.

Finally, the Book says that if we're serious, He will redeem the time. I believe that includes the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years that we have left. Let me encourage you, no matter what your age, ask God to make each day productive for you. But be warned, He will probably require you to change in some area, and in some way. Ask Him to give you extreme opportunities to make Him known by serving others. Ask Him to show you the things that are important, not simply urgent...and then do them. Look at today as another gift packed full of opportunities to be a producer...for Him!

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