Sunday, July 18, 2010

How Often Do You Simply Wonder....

How often do you simply wonder what God is doing with your life?  I believe this is something we all encounter!  Do you ever wonder if God really has a plan for your life?  I'll have to be honest and say there are times when I do!  I think most of us...really deep down...know that God has something for us.  But...more often we wonder what it really is!

I love the scripture from Jeremiah 29: 11 that says "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  This verse is so encouraging to me and I hope it is too you as well.  There are several facts in this scripture that should encourage you.  Listen.

Fact #1:  God definitely has plans for you.  Think about it, if God knows His plans for you this means He has plans for you!  God couldn't have plans for you and not know it!  You can't plan a vacation and not know it!  So...He has plans for you.  And whatever He has planned for you is the best thing for you...ever!  He has incredible plans for you!

Fact #2:  God wants to prosper you.  God's prosperity always involves some type of increase.  His will for mankind from the beginning is to "Be fruitful and multiply".  God's prosperity is different from the world's prosperity.  The world's prosperity is rooted exclusively in the efforts and abilities of man and accomplished for self.  On the other hand, God's prosperity is rooted in His promises to bless those who serve and obey Him.  And a major part of that blessing is to be given to others!  Trouble comes when we trust God to prosper us, and when He does we take the credit for it and live like the world does, using it only for ourselves.

Fact #3:  God DOES NOT want to harm you!  As a matter of fact, God will not harm you.  When a believer trusts God to prosper and at the same time neglects God's principles (or disobeys His Word), the result is simply what God said would happen.  God is never mad at you and wanting to "get" you for not obeying Him perfectly.  God explicitly tells us how to live for Him and to prosper.  If we do what He says we are blessed.  If we willfully disobey we suffer the consequences that God established before time.  The choice is really ours!  God not only loves you...He likes you!!  The Bible calls it favor.  So God's not mad at you and He's not going to "get" you.  Just follow His principles.

Fact #4:  God's plans are designed to give you hope.  Think about this.  If you know God has plans for you, that He wants to prosper you, and He's not mad at you...this should give you hope!  Hope is big.  But hope can be just that little flicker that says "Maybe it's possible."  Hope says, "If I hang in there just a little longer...".  When hope is lost the opportunity for faith is lost.  Hope is the force that ignites our faith that God can do it!  Don't lose hope, because God truly has plans for you, He wants to prosper you, and He's not mad at you.

Fact #5:  God's plans for you include His plans for you. (Just saying...)  And His plans include His prosperity for you, His favor on you, hope for you, and a future for you!  I have to tell you this last one is the greatest for me!  Not to minimize the other ones but knowing that God has a future for me seals the deal for me.  If God has a future for you, He's got plans for you, He wants to prosper you, and He's not mad at you, but likes you.  This should give you hope, supernatural hope, that there is an incredible future and destiny ahead for you!

You are an awesome creature because you are created anew in Christ!  You're not shabby because His Son who died for you is not shabby.  He was the cream of the crop; the ultimate sacrifice needing to be offered up for your sins just once.  Thank God!  This means you're worth a whole bunch to Him!  Lift up your head because God has awesome plans for you.  These plans will propel you through your incredible future upon the rockets of God's blessings, His favor for you, and your hope in Him!  Hang on!

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