Friday, July 2, 2010

Feeling the Pain

It's another one of those mornings in which I'm up early even though I worked late and was up late.  Again, bed-time doesn't matter...I always seem to rise at the same time - early.  This morning...very early!  I was enjoying some "soak" time.  Not in the tub...but in the presence of my incredible God.  It was awesome and I really sensed something strongly through a particular song I was "soaking" with.

I was listening to Jonathan Stockstill's "Unfailing Love".  It's an incredible worship song that sings about God's unfailing love.  In the song he sings about how God even turned His eyes away from His bleeding Son (on the cross).  He sings that He "paid the price for me".  It's such an incredible thing to meditate on.  It is life-changing to understand and receive the truth that Jesus paid the price for our sins, and all He endured through the crucifixion process and on the cross itself.  It's not only mind-boggling, but it's extremely overwhelming.  But this particular song mentions something beyond Jesus' sufferings on the cross.  He mentions the price that God the Father paid for you and me.  The price He paid for us was giving up His one and only (unique) Son for you and me.  Yes, Jesus was raised from the dead and returned back to His glory and into the presence of God's glory.  How awesome is that!  Add to that the name above all names given to Him.

But think for a moment about what God the Father gave up.  If you've ever experienced even a glimpse of God's love you know it is awesome.  If you have a relationship with Him you know and understand His love - a love that truly never fails, is overwhelming, and is eternally life-changing.  Think about the atmosphere of heaven.  It is pure love.  Think about the love relationship between God the Father and God the Son.  I can only imagine the depth of this love expressed in a truly pure and holy atmosphere.  Think about God the Father releasing His son to earth to be clothed in an earthly tent (just like ours).  Think about how God the Father required His only Son to take all the sin of the world upon Himself.  Imagine how God felt when He had to turn away from His only Son.  Can you imagine the pain Father God endured even though this was a short period of time.  Imagine one more time (parent) how you would feel if you had to deny your child for the "greater" good.  Somehow this morning I am feeling the anguish of my Father and His pain as He truly gave His only begotten Son for me.  All I can say is it is overwhelming.  He truly paid the price.

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