Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Are Awesome!

I wish I could see myself sometimes completely in the eyes of my Creator. The older I get, the more I do understand that His perspective of me is a lot different than mine of me. As I grow I am beginning to see of myself who and what He sees. I'm finally learning that I have nothing to give Him but myself. I'm finally learning that I can do nothing for Him. All that I am and all that I can do does nothing to change God. He is already the fullness of full, all by Himself. There is nothing I can say that will build Him up. He is already the Most High God. There is nothing new I can divulge to Him because He already knows everything. If you agree with what I just said then, think about this. Out of His fullness He created you and me. Out of His wisdom and knowledge He brought us forth. From within His infinite power He made you and me!

Do you realize this makes you pretty special? I realize it makes me pretty special too. Unfortunately many people due to life's experiences, can't seem to see anything special about themselves. But the Book says we are "fearfully and wonderfully made". Man! That's good stuff! Because of personal experiences many people cannot see the entire human race as very, very special. Instead some see more value in picketing with "Save the Chicken" signs in front of McDonald's.

I was in deep communion with Him a few weeks ago and I began to feel many of life's inhibitions melt off of me. Here's how it happened. Somewhere in the thickness of His presence I began to sense myself as God knows me. It's as if God placed a heavenly mirror in front of me. It was the kind of mirror that only reflected the truth of who and what He sees. It was awesome. It was incredible! I was actually overwhelmed by who and what I began to sense that I really was. I am God's! God is awesome! You are God's. God is awesome! That makes us awesome too!

I'll have to say that the more I see the truth of who I am in Christ (fearfully and wonderfully made), the more dependent I become on Him. The Bible says that you and I are "His workmanship, created in Christ for good works". What I am and what you are (in Christ) is the work of a truly incredible God. You are eternally significant because you are His work. I am eternally significant because He created me.

Let me encourage you to get to know Him more. The result is you'll get to know the truth about yourself. You are awesome!

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