Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some Recent Posts

Here are some of my most recent posts I feel you will enjoy.  I hope you do!  Blessings!

I Really Don't Like Stirring Up Stuff

I really don't like stirring stuff up, but it seems that nowadays when you stand up for things morally correct you stir things up anyway.  It seems those who choose to stand and live for the righteousness of the Bible are in an ever shrinking minority and are trouble makers!  I can see a Scripturally prophetic event taking place...right before my eyes and I pray you can too.  I'll talk about that in a bit.   (More)

As For Me...

One of my favorite phases in the Bible comes from the Old Testament.  The phrase is "As for me..."  The 3-word phrase says a lot about a person.  When a person says "As for me...", they are saying, "As far as I am concerned...".  When a person says "As for me..." they are separating themselves from popular opinion and standing on their personal conviction.  No matter what others say, do, or what they believe, this person is convinced of something - and will not change.   (More)

Who's Raising Your Children?

I like to share from time to time about events from my past, especially my childhood.  As a matter of fact, many of my blog posts are in some way inspired by the events of my younger days!  And having lived now for over half a century (not specifying how much over) it is very easy to look back and compare the way things were...with the way things are.   (More)

Again, I hope you enjoy!  God bless! 


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