Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Jumpin' Jehoshaphat!"

Jesus said (more than once) "All things are possible to those who believe."  He also said, "With God, all things are possible."  But notice He didn't necessarily say..."All things are easy"!  As a matter of fact, many of the things He makes possible for us are simply NOT easy.  Have you noticed that?  Sometimes we actually give up or don't even pursue the things we know are humanly impossible.  Why?  Because instead of believing they are possible, we are convinced they are impossible!  But we must always remember...the impossible only becomes possible when we allow our incredible God to become involved.  After all, He said "With God all things are possible."

One of my  favorite Biblical incidences comes from the Old Testament.  It occurs in II Chronicles Chapter 20.  Jehoshaphat was king of Judah.  Israel was split into two of which had become Judah.  King Jehoshaphat gets word of a massive multi-force invasion of Judah about to take place.  Complete annihilation is imminent.  Judah's total destruction cannot be humanly avoided.  The Book says Jehoshaphat was afraid...and turned his attention to seek the Lord.  He was a godly king and knew the power of His God.  He also knew that without God's supernatural intervention Judah was doomed.  

If you're like me, quite often you are faced with what seem to be impossible situations.  Perhaps even right now you are in a situation that seems helpless.  And the truth probably is helpless...unless God intervenes.  The Book says Jehoshaphat turned his attention to seek the Lord.  In other words, he came to the reality that he must have God's supernatural intervention, and that the salvation of Judah was humanly impossible.  Jehoshaphat called together all of Judah and proclaimed a time of nationally seeking God.  In this prayer, he prayed what I call the prayer of faith.  For instance, "God...have You not said...?"  Or, "God...did You not promise...through your prophets...?  Not that God needed to be reminded of what He had said, but this kind of prayer is a prayer of faith and trust in Him.  Paul said,  "We walk by faith and not by the way things appear."  This is what King Jehoshaphat was doing.  Instead of responding to the circumstance and the way it appeared, he was standing on God's promises made to Israel and Judah.  Today for you and me, it is standing on what God has said in His Word.  We have it written down for us in the form of the Bible.  That's why it is so important to know God's Word.  A prayer of faith (which moves God) is impossible without praying His own words!

As King Jehoshaphat and all of Judah sought God, He began to move by speaking!  Imagine that!  We pray God's Word and He speaks to us!  How cool is that!  God spoke to Judah by telling them He would fight their battle!  Humanly it was impossible, but with God all things are possible!  As a matter of fact God emphasized to Judah that the battle was His...not theirs.  How often do you and I attempt to fight battles that we don't even own, but He does?  He does it better!  As for Judah, God required they march out to an overlook to station themselves, but not for battle.  God instructed Judah to station themselves in a place in which they would see God fight the battle and win in their behalf!  He did and overwhelmingly won!  It took 3 whole days for Judah to harvest the spoils of victory!  The enemy threatened, Judah sought God, He spoke, fought and won the battle, and provided more than enough through the victory.

This incident is recorded in the Bible to encourage you and me.  The principles are the same.  When the enemy invades, do not fear but turn your attention to seek God.  Pray His Word in the prayer of faith.  He will speak, act, and provide on your behalf!  How awesome is our God!

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