California Pastor Frustrated with "Comfortable Christianity"

Check out this article "Calif. Pastor Frustrated with 'Comfortable' Christianity".  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.  Thanks!

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  1. I admire the integrity of these pastors who can stare at the (christian) public eye in the face, humbling themselves and thereby setting a godly example and say that they are stepping down in order to deal with issues (in this case it is pride) that God doesn't want in their life. But what a pity to some of the other christians in mainstream modern churches who share a platform and who charge 'a gift of' $1000 for a prophetic consultation. Or other leaders who speak of 'portals' (where is that int he Bible?) and angels called 'Emma', or get a load of gold dust sprinkled on them. This may sound like scorn, but in reality I am not undermining these 'experiences' although what I am doing is challenging for all believers to discern what is done by the Holy Spirit, and what else is done by counterfeit spirits. If it doesn't produce MUCH FRUIT then it is not of God. New age is creeping in and we need solid believers to take a stand and sopeak the truth in love, teachin the Body of Christ to be weary and discern spirutualk manifestations. Spipritual manifestations do not necessarily equate a move of God or thge Holy Spirit. It is time for us to grow up as a Body and reach a unity in the faith. P.S - As far as those pastors who stepped down, let's hope that they were catalysts for Godly fear in the church. Perhaps the New Testament example of meeting in homes encourages all members to be active within the Body as opposed to the tainted modernised church model of allowing one leader/pastor to stand continuously on the platform and be expected to function as many parts? It seems to disable the rest of the body and provides a mindset that I need only to 'sit' here and be a spectator as opposed to being active, which is encouraged even by its system in the New Testament structure of the church back then.


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